Seattle Mariners Uniform History


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This website attempts to chronicle the history of uniforms worn by the Seattle Mariners.  Beginning in the double-knit era of the 1970's, the Mariners have a varied history that includes the powder blue explosion, the teal craze of the 1990's, and they even were responsible for the short-lived Turn Ahead the Clock Nights.  While they seem to have settled on a look that has lasted for 15 years, there have been several alternates thrown into the mix.

I have organized the information chronologically and created separate pages for the jerseys, caps, helmets, and other unique items. Everything from socks to number fonts can be found here. While I have spent many hours researching photos, some errors may exist, so if you find anything, please let me know, as I intend for this site to be as accurate as possible.

This site will always be a work in progress, and I don't think I will ever consider it to be "finished."  If you have any additional insights or information, please send them my way at

I am in no way affiliated with the Seattle Mariners or Major League Baseball. I also claim no copyrights to any of the images you see here.  This site is intended for information and research purposes only.

I have also put together a similar site for the Arizona Diamondbacks.